The Miraculous Story of Pesach

“Experience for yourself why this Drum Tale
is different from all other tales . . .

The Miraculous Story of Pesach is set in ancient Egypt and is an interactive tale of wonders and miracles on a journey from slavery to freedom. Drum Tales will bring to life the Exodus, the momentous and historical occurrence which shaped the future of the Jewish nation.

Surrounded by the great pyramids and other significant  landmarks of ancient Egypt, we will begin our adventure in view of the Hebrew slaves working extremely hard for Pharaoh. We will also discover a little Moshe (Moses) floating on the River Nile, later to be adopted by the kings family. After growing up in the palace, we will later see, Moses was drawn back to his roots to help his people and demand that they be freed.

This epic musical adventure will ensure that participants don’t come home empty handed, but rather bring back some insight and inspiration to keep and to remember. The Miraculous Story of Pesach will come to show why this Drum Tale is different from all other tales.

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“We had a FABULOUS time yesterday! Our families were so pleased. This is the third time we have invited you out for a performance and each time it has been TERRIFIC! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for continuing to warm the hearts of all ages!”
Rebecca Elkus – Assistant Director of Education/Youth & Family Programming – Congregation Habonim, New York NY