How does it work?

The when, where and how of Jewish Drum Tales…

When :
We offer programs which are holiday specific (see: Jewish Holidays) as well as a variety of other programs which are available all year round (see: Year Round). For Jewish Holiday programs, the season runs from approximately 3 weeks prior to and during the holidays. 
Where :
Jewish Drum Tales and our year round programs are designed to make learning engaging and fun. They are both educational and entertaining and best of all, we come to YOU! The programs run in a variety of settings, including: schools, after-school programs, community centers, synagogues, summer camps and private events.
How :
The Jewish Drum Tales program generally caters for groups of up to 50 participants per group, with some flexibility. The program is an high energy, interactive experience which runs for 45 minutes. We will be providing all materials including musical instruments and props.

Learn More how we use drums and rhythm in our programs and workshops. Why Drumming?

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