What is Jewish Drum Tales?

Interactive – Engaging – Hands-On – Creative – Educational – Exciting – Fun

Jewish Drum Tales magically brings to life the ancient yet timeless stories of the Torah. By using highly creative, fun, and age appropriate innovations, the narrative is deftly drawn off the bookshelf and brought to life as a real, here-and-now experience. And simultaneously with being imaginatively transported back in time, the messages of the stories are integrated into a present-day experience, encouraging participants to hold onto something they learned along the way.

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Using musical and rhythmic innovations, we bring stories to life, allowing the children to experience the characters and themes of the narrative first-hand. The program is built on the principles of experiential learning – learning by doing – providing participants with numerous angles from which they can engage with familiar stories in a new and exciting light.

“Jewish Drum Tales did a masterful job of creating a ‘whole body’ experience of Chanukah for our very enthusiastic students!”  –  Mordechai Salzberg – North Shore Hebrew Academy (NSHA) – December 2014 – Great Neck, NY

Jewish Drum Tales uses narrative, music and rhythmic movement as an access point to connect to the stories and some of the deeper ideas contained within about Jewish tradition, identity, and culture. Although we live in an ever-changing world, The Torah of old is still a source of inspiration. Drum Tales aims to make that inspiration felt, enjoyed and lived.

Jewish Drum Tales is a project created by Musical IQ – an award winning experiential education company. Every year since our beginning in the New York Spring of 2006, Musical IQ has been educating and entertaining tens of thousand of students and people of all ages. Through Jewish Drum Tales, we have had the honor of working with hundreds of schools, institutions, community centers, synagogues, summer camps, and private events, across the spectrum of Jewish affiliation. The program mission and aspiration is to connect people to the creative process and to discover their own innate creativity and talents and to grow a deeper connection to their Jewishness.

All of our programs are interactive, hands-on, and engaging. We have offerings relevant for all ages: children, teens, and adults, as well as special needs groups. Please take at a look at our program menu for further info about our Jewish holiday programs, as well as our year round and general offerings.

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