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Cornerstone – Building the Mishkan – Building the World

Cornerstone is a live interactive workshop available for children, teen and adult groups.

During this workshop we will be building a 3D life sized, model of the Mishkan (the Tabernacle) and the various keilim (vessles) used in the Mishkan, including the Menorah, Mizbeach and others.

This program is designed to provide a unique, inspiring and powerful learning opportunity for participants to better understand the Mishkan as a model for Jewish life and living, as well as to exercise a variety of skill sets ranging from engineering, construction, creative problem solving, arts and design, to leadership and team building.

  • Torah – Understanding the Mishkan. What is it? Who built it? How was it built? and How is it relevant to us in the 21st century?
  • Science – Exploring the world of engineering and construction – learning how to build with sound structural integrity.
  • Arts – Dealing with materials, aesthetics and design. Challenging us to think laterally and to develop creative solutions to problems.
  • Team Building – The Mishkan is the ultimate metaphor for team building and unity. Its existence was made possible only by the joint efforts and contributions of many separate individuals. We will be exploring interpersonal connection, leadership and cooperation.