Drum Orchestra

Creative Group Drum Circle Program

(Run by Musical IQ.  See main website here: www.MusicalIQ.com)

Drum Orchestra is a high energy group drumming program for kids (10 and up), teens and adults. Imagine your whole  group making music together in rhythmic harmony. Imagine a program so exciting, it will be a major highlight of your event, semester, session or celebration.

This program takes the drum circle concept to new level and is fun, interactive, and high-energy. Each participant is given a drum and other percussive instruments to experience being a part of a rhythm orchestra – in which each small contribution is vital to the making of a unique musical creation. This program has a sense of humor and is fast paced, giving participants an experience and taste of the creative process.

Following some fun and playful rhythmic exercises, designed to establish group coherence and to promote teamwork, the group will learn about the musical instruments and how to use them.  Using guided rhythmic activities and instruction, we will then begin to establish a simple layer of basic rhythm and continue layer by layer to build a unique and beautiful musical creation.

This program will emphasize the power of collaboration and community. It evokes individual creativity within a group setting, promotes cooperation, demonstrates the value of effective communication and listening, illustrates the importance of diversity, awakens the creative spirit, and is a whole lot of fun!

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““The spirit and enthusiasm that the drummers convey is infectious. I recommend this program to any organization looking for an innovative, fun and inspirational program. Our students loved the program. The program had a universal appeal.”
Joy Werner – Hillel Programs Director – Stony Brook University NY