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So, whats next on the playbill? As the curtains of 2013 are being drawn, we have just opened up our schedule …

So, whats next on the playbill? As the  curtains of 2013 are being drawn,  we have just opened up our schedule for our 2014 programs. We have an exciting lineup of programs for the Jewish holidays, year round, and summer camps.


The Hearty Story of Purim is set in Ancient Persia. It is an interactive Drum Tale which takes its audience on a musical and rhythmic adventure back in time to the buzzing streets of Shushan Habira – the capital city of the old Persian empire.

Read more at: Purim

Purim in California:

This year we are expanding our reach to the Greater LA area. We will be debuting Jewish Drum Tales in California with The Hearty Story of Purim. We are currently taking bookings, and we would love to hear from you.

Please call or reach out to us with questions or to book a date – Contact Us.


“Experience for yourself why this Drum Tale is different from all other tales”

The Miraculous Story of Pesach is set in ancient Egypt and is an interactive tale of wonders and miracles on a journey from slavery to freedom. Drum Tales will bring to life the Exodus, the momentous and historical occurrence which shaped the future of the Jewish nation.

Read more at: Pesach.

Summer Camps:

Every Summer Musical IQ runs a program called the Sunshine Summer Tour, which specializes in servicing summer camps and summer events with exciting and unique programming. Every year we prepare an exciting repertoire of programs, workshops, and performances which are high energy and interactive. Typically every camper will receive an African hand drum or another percussive instrument to participate.

Read more at: Summer Camps

We would love to hear from you. If you have any thoughts or questions, please Contact Us.