A Memorable Visit to Shushan

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Purim Drum Tales was a great success to say the least. Over 2500 participants participated in the program both in California and in NY…

Drum Tales Purim was a great success, to say the least. Over 2500 people participated in the program both in California and in NY. We had a delightful time sharing this great adventure to Shushan, to experience the story of Purim for ourselves. This year we encouraged participants to relate to the characters in the story, not as some abstract peoples, but to internalize the fact that the individuals we read about are our ancestors, our family, and to fulfill the very wish of Queen Esther herself, that ” … these days should be remembered and kept throughout every generation…” (Megillat Esther)

Here are some comments from participating Institutions:

“The beat of the drum was a perfect match to the celebration of Purim; Jewish Drum Tales created a program by which the well known story of the Megillah was enhanced through the use of imagination and the call to not only hear the story, but ‘enter” it with all of our senses. The program allowed our students, teachers and guests to participate and feel the story in the most visceral way. This was one of the most worthwhile programs we have had in our school.”Nellie Harris – Rockland Jewish Academy – March 2014 – West Nyack, NY


“Jewish Drum Tales brought the story of Purim alive for our students. Instead of just hearing the story, they were active participants in the telling. They worked together in unison creating a shared Purim experience that just cannot happen in the same way inside the classroom. The room was set up beautifully which added to the excitement as the students walked into the room. The sound of so many children drumming together in unison was truly moving!”Adrianne Pasternak – Shomrei Torah Synagogue – Feb 2014 – Los Angeles CA


“We had Jewish Drum Tales for our Purim celebration. At first, I was not sure how first through seventh graders would be engaged in the same program. Boy, I was wrong! ALL our students (and teachers) were both mesmerized and engaged. The program offered each one of the participants to be an active part in the Megilla storytelling and no one felt excluded, bored or unequipped to participate. All children were excited and came out of the experience feeling proud of their Judaism and joyous to celebrate Purim. Plus – they had lots of fun drumming and being part of the drumming circle- what a magical feeling!”Ana Turkienicz – The Pelham Jewish Center – March 2014 – Pelham Manor, NY

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