Why Drumming?

“הַלְלוּהוּ בְּתף וּמָחול” – Halleluhu Betoff Umachol – Praise Him with a Drum and a Flute (Psalm 150)


Although we incorporate many aspects of music into our programs, featuring musical instruments ranging from wind to strings, a major emphasis in our work is on drumming and percussion. The reason for this is that the hand-drum is an amazingly accessible instrument, which allows participants with no prior musical experience to participate, engage the program material, and quickly excel in being a part of a musical experience. Even 2 year olds can get it! Most importantly, it also gives participants access to a taste of the creative process, which is a door we aim to open for people.

The drums we use are primarily Djembe drums. These drums originate from West Africa. Djembes are very versatile instruments capable of producing a wide variety of sounds. In addition to the musical aspects of the instruments, the drums fit beautifully into our programs both for adults, in creating rich musical experiences and powerful group learning, and for kids, as a tool which serves as a medium of transportation back to the setting of the stories we tell, providing amazing opportunities to explore an unfolding plot as well as to learn about music and rhythm.

“חנוך לנער על פי דרכו” – Chanoch Lanaar Al Pi Darko – Raise a child according to his way (King Solomon – Mishlei 22:6). Jewish Drum tales aims to empower participants to explore and discover their own innate create genius – and to play to the beat of their own (unique and indispensable) drum.

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logo_placeholderWe are a proud member of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild (DCFG), a professional association of drum circle facilitators dedicated to serving communities through rhythm-based events designed to heal, empower and unite diverse populations.